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Bible Study Chapters

Did Animals Die Before the Curse?

Evidence for Genesis as literal

Genesis—Overview by chapter (to print)

Forsaking God, entering idolatry (Jeremiah 2:1-37)

Jonah - as dramatically told by a child

Jude - God's Condemnation of Apostasy and False Teachers

Luke Presents Jesus [in progress]

Matthew Cites Old Testament  (Shows O.T. quotes and references)
      or view the Expanded  (Shows extensive references to O.T. verses)

Psalm 107

Contemplations on 1 Timothy 2:11-15

Bible Study Topics

The Apostles

The Apostles Of Jesus Christ  (6 page series)

The Apostle's Names In The Gospels,   The Apostles: In The New Testament,   Disciples: Gospel of Matthew,   Disciples: Gospel of Mark,   Disciples: Gospel of Luke,   Disciples: Gospel of John [See: Was Matthias an apostle or an Apostle?]

The Individual Apostles

Apostle Andrew,   Apostle Bartholomew - Nathanael,   Apostle James 'the elder' [of Zebedee],   Apostle James 'the lessor' [of Alphaeus],   Apostle John,   Apostle Judas - Lebbaeus - Thaddaeus,   Apostle Matthew - Levi,   Apostle Paul - Saul,   Apostle Peter - Simon Peter - Simon,   Apostle Philip,   Apostle Simon - Simon Zelotes,   Apostle Thomas - Didymus

Judas - Judas Iscariot - Iscariot,   Matthias and    Was Matthias an apostle or an Apostle?

Notable Disciples

Series: The Disciples Of Jesus Christ   (4 page series)

An Alphabetical List of Named Disciples,   Disciples: In The Gospels,   Disciples: In the Book of Acts,   Notable Disciples Of Jesus Christ,   The Named Disciples Of Jesus Christ

Notable Disciple: Barnabas (Joses),   Notable Disciple: Luke (Lucas),   Notable Disciple: Timothy (Timotheus)

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Old Testament Types

Examples, Types, Shadows and More  (Read first)

Types and Shadows are Important  (Read second)

Generally Accepted Types  (more than 160)

Joseph Previews Christ  (60 comparisons)

Moses Previews Christ  (134 comparisons)

Joshua Previews Christ  (40 comparisons)

Israel's Judges Preview Christ  (13 general comparisons)

Barak Previews Christ  (8 comparisons)

Gideon Previews Christ  (46 comparisons)

Jephthah Previews Christ  (16 comparisons)

Samson Previews Christ  (49 comparisons)

Samuel Previews Christ  (64 comparisons)

Jonathan Previews Christ  (18 comparisons)

Saul Previews Christ  (18 comparisons)

David Previews Christ  (100 comparisons)

Solomon Previews Christ  (80 comparisons)

Jeremiah Previews Christ  (24 comparisons)

Daniel Previews Christ  (46 comparisons)

Ezra Previews Christ  (12 comparisons)

Nehemiah Previews Christ  (45 comparisons)

Mordecai Previews the Holy Spirit

Levitical Types

Purpose for the Tabernacle  (Read first)

Tabernacle Symbols and Types  (Read second)

Levitical Installation Sacrifices

Levitical Offerings and Sacrifices

Comparison of Leviticus chapters 8, 9 & 16

Sacrifices for the Feasts or Convocations of Israel

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Bible Study Helps

A World Without Tears

Agriculture cycle for Israel  (This includes: 1) Roman Calendar Month, 2) Season & Weather, 3) Agriculture process, 4) Holy days & Feasts, and the 5) Hebrew Calendar Month)

Ancient Bible Names with Their Current Names

Are Some Foods Unfit To Eat?

Barren Women, Virginity and Proof of Virtue

Books of the Bible

Christians Believe

Comparing Nature worship to Christ worship

Foods of the Bible

For What Shall I Pray?

Good Church

Polygamists in Bible

Testimonies Of Great Christians

The Basis Of The Gospel Message

The Location And Significance Of Armageddon In Rev 16:16

The Pharisees Ask Jesus A Question

Why A Bible Study?

Who are the real witnesses for Jehovah?

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Bible Studies

All the Prophets A chronological list of the named and unnamed prophets from the Old and New Testments of Holy Scripture.

   An examination of Luke 23:43

Benefits, Deeds and Prayers in Jesus' Name

Contemplations on 1 Timothy 2:11-15

Covenants in the Bible

Did Enoch Die?

Eschatology: The Study of End Times

Life, Death and Everlasting Punishment

Jephthah's Vow and His Daughter

   Not the first individual, but another


Gifts of the Holy Spirit  (5 page series)

Miraculous Spiritual Gifts - Pg 2,   Miraculous Spiritual Gifts Explained - Pg 3,   List of: Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Pg 4 (Definitions, types, examples & special notes.),   Tests for the authenticity of alleged gifts of the Holy Spirit - Pg 5

Nine steps to Moses Examining the transmission steps of early Genesis material down to Moses

Out Of Him Shall Flow Rivers Of Living Water

Idolatry, Adultery & Sexual Perversion  (5 page series)

Naaman, the Syrian: A Character Study

The Earth Is Mine!

The Holy Spirit

The Journeys of our Lord Jesus

The Land IS Mine!

The last seven days of our Lord Jesus

The Lord Jesus Prays

The Lord's Army!

Who are Job's ancestors?

Whosoever Eats My Flesh


How we know Isaac's age when he was “weaned” from Sarah?

Working Out Salvation

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Bible Men

Biblical Headship - Part 1: Laying Down The Basis

Biblical Headship - Part 2: Understanding The Application

Things A Father Does Best

Bible Women

Things A Mother Does Best

Sketches of Women in the Bible

Christian Articles

Can Animals Have Rights?

Clarence Jones - HCJB radio


Man's Three Obligations to Animals

Why Should Christians Vote?


A Finely Tuned Universe

Some Great Scientists who held a Biblical worldview

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Doubt Salvation

Doubt Salvation (to print) "Freely Copy and Distribute This Article"

Evangelism Texts

The Basis Of The Gospel Message


Who is GOD?  (4 page series)

GOD-Is,   Who Is God?,   Deity of Christ,   First and Last

Amazing Perspective


I am Jesus

I AM the GOD of gods  (video presentation)

Names of Christ

That All Men Should Honor The Son

The Basis of God's Judgment Upon All Men

The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ



Parables - N.T.

Parables - O.T.

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A Commentary on the Philosophical Culture

Five Bad ...isms


Looking at Truth


The 12 Biggest Lies  (12 page series)

Prophecies of Christ

Evidence for the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ  (8 page series)

Old Testament Scriptures foretelling His death,   New Testament Scriptures foretelling His death,   Old Testament Scriptures foretelling His resurrection,   New Testament Scriptures foretelling His resurrection,   The Death of Jesus Christ,   The Resurrection of Jesus Christ,   God raised Jesus from the dead for us,   Who Really Killed Jesus?

Messianic Prophecies

Other Topics

20 Cans of Success

Christians and Civil Disobedience

Father's Love Letter

Fearing the Lord

Fire From God


God's Word Helps Us

Jesus Is Not A Liberal

Predictive Prophecy Proves the Bible's Authority

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“Rethinking Chronology from Abraham to Solomon by Applying Unused Texts”

Supplemental articles


The Case Against Darwinism

The Christmas Message

The Good News

The Purpose of this Website

Theology of Sickness

Threefold Calling of Christians

What do I have in Christ?

Who am I in Christ?

Why we still use - The King James Bible

False Substitutes

The Case Against Islam   (4 page series)

Islam: Goals, Insights and Background,   Islam Is A False Gospel,   Islam Versus Christianity  (Islamic Beliefs, Concepts and Terms Compared to Christianity)

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Evidence Proving Scripture

A Commentary On Philosophical Culture

Archeology and the Bible  *

Did Jericho's Walls Fall?

Evidence for Genesis as literal

Evidence for God and The Bible  (20 page series)

Evolution Warning


Marriage, Family, Parenting

Advice to Youth

Are You Going Somewhere?

Are You Seeking a Suitable Marriage Partner?

Biblical Headship - Part 1: Laying Down The Basis

Biblical Headship - Part 2: Understanding The Application

Evidence for Genesis as literal  (the basis for marriage)

In This Our Home

Marriage: Should it be limited?

Parents' Work: Invaluable but Nearly Invisible

Purposes of Marriage

Sixteen Questions on Raising Children

Seeking Marriage

Stress Management Tools

The Case Against Same-sex Marriage

The Case for Marriage

Things A Father Does Best

Things A Mother Does Best

Why A Family? - Why Become a Biblical Family?

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Devotional and Instructional

Amazing Gifts to a 12 yr old  (video presentation)

Christ Our Passover - Poem

Devotional Christian Articles


How to Spot a Christian

This Thing Is From Me!

Trusting God With Wealth

Twas The Night Before Jesus Came

Other Pages

Adoption for Orphans!

Sculptures Honoring Jesus

Vegetable Garden Workbook

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